August 2011: 
A boat quietly drifting in a fjord near Stavanger, Norway. On that boat a diverse company of supervisors and coaches. The captain asks us not to talk …..just listen and be in the moment….  And so we do…we hear nothing but water against the ship, birds in the sky and the whispering wind….I was very surprised that over 50 people in a 'mostly talking' profession could be that silent…
After this moment, that lasted for about 10 minutes, my second surprise was that I was asked to join an International Intervision Group (IIG initiated by ANSE (Association National Associations for Supervision in Europe) . I was honoured, said yes please, and over the next 3 years learned a lot with this group of collegues from Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Germany.
We went together on this IGG-ship and sailed along all our countries….disembarking at different harbours….exploring each others' work.
In 5 separate meetings, each 2 days, we talked about our supervisions, taught each other new methods, compared the work in each different country and looked for common things… And more than that: we cooked, walked, visited museums, learned the history of the each homeland and laughed a lot…
Halfway along there was sadness…we lost a member of our group to cancer.  But one of us could go to the funeral……we mourned at a distance…and went on…..after a year we, as a group, visited his grave…burned a candle at our next meeting and like that he was with us.
In January 2015 the circle was closing: our last meeting. We evaluated…some quotes:
* ‘'I'm so glad that I've seen your professional ánd your personal writing. It enriched me'.
* ‘'Being in this group helped me to do groupsupervision'.
* ‘'Sharing methods helped me to feel more confident when I experimented with another    
    way of working'.                                                                                                                            * ‘'All the professional things we shared made me think:  and how is that for me? It        brought me to deeper reflections about myself and my work, after our meetings'.
And now the IIG ship docked…we disembark and go our separate ways... colleagues have become friends…from now they are my dear frolleagues!

Thanks Per, Karin, Sandra, Ingvill and Odd. 
Special thanks to Trudie Collishaw for the translation